LVO Day 0

Arrived Thursday for the LVO. 


If you haven’t watched the OB interview with Dave, check it out now!

Multiple builds per blister.

Art/unit stat cards included,

And a bunch of new options. Immediately, the overseer stood out for me. The rules discussed included extending range or energy of plasma weapons in an aura.

That would be huge for scourge!

I imagine there will be a lot of testing of those rules in the next few months.

Other notable options are some special commanders being generic choices too (not scourge though). Barrage taranis variant for AT attacks, scourge razorworm shooting gunships, and falcon B’s with AA/ground attack missiles.

Wow! What an awesome set of rules experiments for hawk to run! 

DFC Kicking Off October

Dropfleet Commander is kicking off at the end of October, or round abouts. It’s likely to be kickstarting the starter set at 60pounds.

The kickstarter will contain alternative sculpts for some units that are otherwise available. The kickstarter is likely to be limited to the plastic starters, to avoid competing directly with stores.

The two player starter will be UCM and Scourge. The UCM ships having a functional look perhaps in line with the sulaco from aliens. The scourge cruisers will be far more organic in look, although actually are constructed. They’ll feature posable “wings” giving you endless variety. 

The mechanics look simple and intuitive, with an emphasis on trying to carry out a decisive strike.

There’s a full intercoew on beasts of war.

Dropfleet Commander Mini’s Spotted at Salute!

Thanks to Orbital Bombardment’s Twitter feed, we are seeing some images now from Salute:


I believe these depict, the Beijing class battleship, the Berlin class cruiser,  and the New Orleans class (strike carrier?) of which the Achilles is one. There are some more ships to the right, which are (UPDATE: Moscow class) heavy cruisers. True to the UCM’s “aliens” roots, the Bejing reminds me most closely of a combination of the Sulaco from Aliens, and the Sarjuuka from Homeworld 2.

Based on previous comments, the New Orleans is the largest ship class (for UCM) capable of deploying ground forces. The battleships don’t enter atmosphere, and are probably there for supporting fire and defense.

Just to recap, Andy Chambers (the designer of battlefleet gothic) is involved in the development of the rules set.


I’m throwing money at the screen, it’s just not working.


Beasts of war have a video up, interviewing Dave from Hawk.

  • It’s not a deep space game, it’s a fight over a continent/country, the size of spain.
  • Interact with ground, take cities, etc.
  • Strike Carrier (ie Achilles) is a “frigate” and the biggest type of atmospheric ship
  • Big ships die if they decay into atmosphere (high and low orbit are the other zone).
  • Atmosphere “slows” the ships
  • Range determined by your ability to lock on to the enemy (sensor range) and enemy energy signature (fire all your guns – light up like a christmas tree).
  • Think about it, the range isn’t static!
  • Missiles, as per usual, face countermeasures
  • Silent running, allows you to sneak in close.
  • Launch end of this year, early next year
  • Lots of new mechanics, and very different from every other spaceship game.
  • Mechanics not based on dropzone

Dropzone Commander Reconquest: Phase 1 – First thoughts

Reconquest: Phase 1 CoverHawk Wargames have released the first dropzone commander expansion, titled Reconquest: Phase 1. It introduces the resistance, a new race of tough as nails humans who live under the bio-jackboots of the scourge invaders, new missions, final rules for the last set of experimental units, and famous commanders. We’ll cover what it brings to the table for each of these, but also a couple of hints/clues as to the future of DzC glimpsed from some rules.

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New Universal Rules, Given to Some Existing Experimental Units

The Ferrum has already been a test bed for a new special rule (Focus Fire) which is going to be in use by the resistance, likewise the “transition” mechanic is in use with some PHR and Scourge units.

In addition there will be a number of new rules, including a “barrage” rule, which Dave has mentioned in part 2 of his Beasts of War interview, won’t be restricted to Resistance. This new rule allows for the overwhelming of countermeasures using massed fire, and potentially allows you to decrease the size of a blast to increase it’s countered range.

There’s new rules such as “rare” (which may apply to ferrums), which limits the number of a certain unit you can take in a list. We know this will apply to the resistance fast mover, which can convert into a gunship seemingly after it begins it’s attack run. Continue reading

PHR and Shaltari Plastic Starters announced

Hawk wargames haven’t been twiddling their thumbs while teasing us with resistance footage. They’ve also been secretly working on plastic phr and shaltari starter kits. At 35 pounds (55 USD), these kits make it much easier to join the world of Dropzone Commander. The PHR are one of the most popular DzC forces, so the addition of a plastic kit with the reliable Ares and critical Phobos walkers is awesome.

Combined with the launch of the much anticipated Resistance faction and the “Reconquest: Phase 1” expansion, this is an exciting time to be a fan of Hawk’s 10mm sci fi wargame. Resistance forces generally combine post apocalyptic, under resourced guerrilla forces (think Mad Max crossed with the resistance from the Terminator franchise) with high powered ancient artefact machines, such as the hannibal battle tank. Their non-military tech makes up for lack of technology, with large numbers.

Reconquest advances the DzC story, and introduces new missions, characters for each faction, and introduces the rules for the Resistance faction as well as some new game mechanics for DzC.

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