Test Colour Scheme

It looks a little messy, but this is my first test for a desert based colour-scheme. These are undercoated with The Army Painter Skeleton Bone Spray, I’m using a citadel brown for the stripe/detail and I’m testing nuln oil as a wash. I’m doing comparisons to some of the petroleum based varnish+washes The Army Painter have released, but so far I prefer the crisp effect of the nuln wash. These are some quick mock-ups, and you can see I wasn’t particularly careful with the wash, and haven’t cleaned up afterwards. I’m waiting on a pot of matching paint so I can continue, and I’m planning to test our some airbrush effects with the tanks and dropships.Test images of wolverines in plain desert 'camo'


4 thoughts on “Test Colour Scheme

  1. Very effective colour choices. Eager to see how these colours carry over to larger miniatures. I suspect they’ll work quite well with the blocky shapes of UCM vehicles.

    • Thanks Tyler. I’m not sure if I’ll use block colour like I have on these scouts, or use an airbrush on the larger models. I was thinking of having different block colours for Fleet assets, etc 🙂 Maybe I’ll use blocks and just use an airbrush to add shading/weathering.

      • My PHR are nowhere near so ambitious. They’re white, with blue ink for the lines between panels and dark grey metal parts. The fact that PHR vehicles and dropships look like they were designed by Steve Jobs give me the perfect excuse to paint them simple and easy.

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