Suggestions for DZC v1.2


The 1.1 DZC rules have been a big success, many of the included fixes have revived units that are never seen on the battlefield, and have improved gameplay immensely (looking at you, falling masonry rules). Dropzone commander’s strengths lie in a “combined arms” approach to materiel and logistics. Dropship deployment allow slow-moving units to strike into the heart of the battlefield, in a game where seizing the objectives is the most important factor. What are the key improvements I’d like to see in the next version of DZC?

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DZC: Expanding the Starter Set

The DZC Two Player Starter Set has been getting a lot of airtime recently with channels like Beasts of War and Natfka posting up some great content. The two player starter set gets you two mirror-match forces of three main battle (or grav in the case of scourge) tanks, three AA support tanks, three APCs, thirty infantry (on bases of 5) and three dropships. This gives you around 550pts each, enough for a small skirmish, and while it’s probably one of the best starter boxes out there, it’s just that, a starter box.

The natural extension, therefore, is where do you go from here? I’ll attempt to explain where I would take the starter forces, as someone who has done just that.

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DZC Tactics: Main Battle Tanks


In nearly every game of DZC, the most important compulsory unit in terms of damage output, is going to be the main battle tank or equivalent. All four (released) races have a mandatory armoured group to go with the mandatory infantry and command at 1500pts. What do you get for your points, how useful are they, and more importantly, how are they best used? Continue reading