Help spread the word on DZC, with Hawk Talons

Hawk Logo

Hawk has put the call out for volunteers, launching a new initiative known as Hawk Talons. By running tournaments, demo games, or volunteering at shows you’ll earn credits that can be cashed in for rewards on the Hawk webstore.

I think this is a great initiative. Many DZC supporters are already working with local game stores to run demo games. While there is a hawk T-shirt on offer, this will really kick off if there’s the possibility of limited availability models only redeemable through this program. That of course will be based on:

A: The success of the talon initiative


B: Presumably hawk getting the volume required to justify absorbing the costs of spinning any limited ed models out. Prototype or alternate versions (with the same stats, obviously) of the basic “MBT” units would be very cool.

Hawk already have a great community in the making, and a lot of this is already being run sporadically for free. Adding some cool incentives, could really see it take off!

Dave – If you do run with cool proto-models as a hawk talon reward, then you should mail me some so I can field a proto-UCM list 😛


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