DZC Update: 12 Days of Christmas (X2?)

Not content to rest on their laurels, Hawk Wargames are at it again.

A new UCM tank.

In addition to the Resistance, which we know is an upcoming faction, hawk have designs for what is probably three new units for each faction, or eight new units and four teasers for resistance models. Over the first 12 days of christmas, Hawk is releasing teaser glimpses of their upcoming units, and in the following 12 days, we are told they are releasing full shots and perhaps more info.

Check our their Facebook page, for more info.

The images so far appear to depict a heavy UCM tank (possibly a support tank with enyo like demolition power). What appears to be a scourge walker of unknown size, a mysterious hovering(?) PHR AA or IF weapon system, and what may be a shaltari walker-gate, carrying a large weapon. The most recent image appears to show a condor variant with it’s stowage reduced or swapped for large missile pods.

Rumour is that Hawk will be releasing an expansion book that will detail the existing experimental units release rules, and perhaps the rules for the units revealed this month.

Hawk has also been busy spruiking DZC hither and thither and yon, helping with the Games and Gears kickstarter, providing not only a 10mm DZC urban terrain setting, but a 28mm version as well.


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