Ferrum Class Drone Base Update – “Doomfridge” no longer?

Simon has announced on the hawk forums that the 1.1 rules for the Ferrum are live. At the moment, the 1.0 rules appear in the downloads sections still, so it’s not apparent how to get at the new rules 🙂

However, the summary that simon has given looks very promising.



In simon’s words:

“The main change is that you can only re-spawn 4 drones a turn and that you have to re-spawn them before the existing drones activate.” This places a very important limit on the ferrum, which is that even small amounts of AA fire can prevent it from swarming the enemy with a threatening cloud of potentially several E13 hits. I believe the limitation on spawning before activating the existing drones means that the four will likely form a new cloud, and can’t be deployed into coherency with another 4 drones flying back from the front line. This should go a long way to mitigating the frustration and imbalance of the ferrum. Presumably it can initially deploy all 8 in one go, but this should hopefully make the Ferrum more of a scout, and less of an air-based alpha strike than it’s previous ruleset.


One thought on “Ferrum Class Drone Base Update – “Doomfridge” no longer?

  1. I think test “spamming” the ferrum and see what will happen. I will test with 4 of them and see what will happen.

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