New Experimental Rules for March Releases

Hawk wargames have released the UCM Eagle, Scourge Harbinger, Scourge Stalker, PHR Mercury, and Shaltari Caiman Heavy Grav Tank.

Scourge HarbingerEach of these units, look like they are going to introduce some serious changes to the DzC meta. The Scourge Harbinger, for example, is a heavily armoured dropship, combined with capable demolition, and light AA. It’s going to take some serious AA to knock down a dropship with 4 damage points, and armour 6. With the threat of an E11 bomb and the capability to down light dropships on a 2+ followed by a 3+, it is going to be a great distraction unit once it’s dropped it’s payload, at 55pts.

Scourge Stalkers

Combined with the new Scourge Stalker, and things are starting to look dicey for the reclamation of the core worlds! Armour 10 walkers at27pts, as fast as standard UCM tanks but with short range E12 (!!) weapons. These aren’t your normal scourge “standard” armour choice. They will probably be less used than hunters, due to the amazing speed of the hunter grav tanks, however those that experiment with these units will likely be rewarded. I imagine they’ll make really good, cheap, anti-heavy units. Against a UCM heavy they’ll be damaging on a 3+ and taking one out in one shot on a 5+ while against the hades it’ll be 2+/4+.

Mercury DronesMercury Scout drones, are transported 2 per dropship on Triton A2s. The Triton then gets a special missile upgrade for free, getting two limited 2 missile launchers firing Indirect Fire Energy 11 shots with a R(C) of 12″. While this seems low, you can play hide-and-seek around buildings by exposing just one of your scouts. Alternatively the loved (only by PHR players) countermeasures hack card can be played to allow these to fire 36″. The scouts themselves improve your chances of finding an objective, allows you to reroll booby traps, and adds their points to try and claim an objective. Useful little drones at 15pts each!

Shaltari CaimanThe Caiman offers an alternative heavy selection for the Shaltari. The caiman is an armour 7 heavy, with 4 damage points. Under heavy fire, it’s composite-newspaper armour isn’t going to keep it flying (although the 5+ passive save helps!), but then this is a very different heavy beast! It’s a skimmer with speed 6, and MF6. So while it’s not the fastest unit in the game, for a heavy it’s lightning fast. 3 shots at 36″ range with E10, mean that not only is this a pretty scary unit to face in a confined space, it can be roaming the back-lines as a support unit early game, then join the fray late game. It’s two laser pods, while E7 are also unlimited range, which means this unit can also double as a scout killer for those pesky UCM players who run wolverines down the long fire lanes. At 95 points you aren’t getting much (anything?) back for trading a heavy walker for one of these, however this is a unit that will complement your normal force. Even just one of them is going to do far more than an ocelot in my opinion.

UCM EagleThe last new option is the UCM Eagle. It’s 110pts, which gives you two E 11 heavy railgun shots, and four E9 multi-missile shots. Limited utility against skimmers with 3+ accuracy and with MF of only 6 it’s hardly a great initiation tool unless you can set up a pop-up attack. This unit is likely to be best suited as a stand-off building demolition unit. The range on the missile pods is only 9″, giving you 15″ reach, while the heavy railguns don’t gain any range over normal railguns. For an armour 5, DP3 vehicle, entering the 24″ range required to use your railguns on active targets, is likely to result in this unit being shot down. Still a couple of these is going to put a lot of damage on enemy held buildings very quickly from 36″ away, with the ability to sit “over” buildings.


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