Rumours, Battle Reports, and Terrain

Video Battle Report

First things first, Natfka has posted up a video battle report against Shawn from blue table painting. It’s an hour and a half long, but worth watching. Once again, Dave explains a bunch of basics at the start. If you are already a DzC player, you can consider skipping to 22:00 but it’s always worth listening Dave’s thoughts, because it gives you a good feel for the ideas and theories behind the game’s design.



Rumours on the Hawk Forums are that the guys from Hawk mentioned the Ferrum getting a nerf to it’s AA shots. The rumour is that it’s losing the ability to focus fire on an AA targets, meaning that it’s capped at 8 shots hitting on a 3+ at E 6. With eight drones, it’s likely to be able to drop a medium dropship in one go, however anyone that’s ever fought with or against one will know that getting all 8 drones on to a target is kind of hard work.

In the video above, you’ll notice that Dave mentions other options in a future release, to allow some other methods of acquiring razor worms.


Hawk Army Deals

Hawk have released a series of army deals for web only. They are complete 1500 or 2500pt forces for each faction, with a good mix of core, and new units. The shaltari for example, completely eschew skimmers in 1500pts, instead going with the mini-walkers. 1500pts of scourge includes four reavers (go Simon, you maniac) and is sure to produce an in-your face all out list. Better not miss firing at their AA units, though!


Dropzone Commander Terrain

Eleventree have launched some laser-cut 10mm art deco buildings. I’ve bought some of these, and have already build them. They went together in a couple of hours. The roof lifts off the models (so you can place models inside the building (just don’t forget you put them in there). The quality and detail is amazing on this terrain, and as you can see, they’ve obviously paid attention to the design decisions hawk have made. While they are not as pretty as Hawk’s own resin terrain, they are both easier to make and a bit cheaper.

It’s important to note that when you buy laser cut terrain, the laser cauterises the edges (giving it that crispy brown look). Depending on the wood, this frequently makes it more waterproof (cooking up some organics in the wood, presumably). When you come to paint you can find that this results in beading on the edges. The easiest fix for this, is to simply sand down the edges (especially on the outside corners) with high grit sand paper, until the dark edge looks more normal. The more you sand, the more it will act just like the unburned surfaces. Lightly burned areas, like surface detail normally paints up just fine!


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