Quick Rumours Update

There’s a slew of new releases previewed at invasion, including a new fast mover, or at least flyer command for UCM.
see more ifo from a primary source here.

PHR got a hades generic command unit. Great if you want to make the PHR more subtle than they already are. Generally not super impressed, because a “focus the big one” surge from your enemy, might result in you losing 25% of you total points including your commander.

UCM flying command is the Phoenix. Rumoured to be 9DP at A5, and sporting what may be a triple falcon gun, and some ferrum missile pods? Such capability would put this at the more expensive end of the commander pool, but would free UCM players from fortifying the back edge against attacks on their kodiak. Personally, I think it will be worth the bump to move UCM from where I see them as one of the strongest static forces, to optionally quite a dynamic one. May also improve the utility of the falcon, if it receives some kind of boost.

Paired to this are rumours of a Kodiak buff. Personally I’d be happy with a points drop, an MF above zero, or a boost to command ranges including those measured from scouts. It’s not like the UCM benefit overly from it, in my opinion their best cards are all globals.

Buffs to black project may help falcons, if they can be fixed relied on to deal damage. Ace in the making may now boost archangels into the competitive meta, with the ability to strike with acc 2+ and no mods apply. If it boost an entire unit, this could be the big UCM bluff card.

Long range heavy AT rail infantry for the UCM is going to be huge with the usual caveats of points cost dependency. I expect 3 shots per base at E9, 24″ or E10, 18″. Foot mounted AT shouldn’t be rivalling tank AT unless they are an expensive exotic!

Scourge get the oppressor, aka the new standard commander ground unit. Expect plasma cannons, electro-nets and claw attacks. Hopefully it’s not M4.

And the Shaltari get a microwave themed skimmer command. Hopefully cheap and capable, with some laser pods for range. Smaller command vehicle means more points for caiman, or higher level commanders or gates!

Also unconfirmed reports that Simon is talking about a points rise for resistance bikers, and L-2 on their attack?

While this might help with balance, I still feel the general lack of IF area blasts in PHR, UCM and Shaltari lists is to blame. Scourge have it a little harder, but should be fine if the other four factions take more IF.


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