Dropfleet Commander Announced

Dropfleet Commander - 10mm scale At salute 2014, Hawk have announced Dropfleet Commander. And they did it in style, with a full 10mm scale strike carrier. According to Dave, this is only one of the smallest units in the new game. Also announced is that Andy Chambers (of Battlefleet gothic fame) will be designing the game. To say I’m excited is no under-statement, and here’s why.  Continue reading


Ferrum Class Drone Base Update – “Doomfridge” no longer?

Simon has announced on the hawk forums that the 1.1 rules for the Ferrum are live. At the moment, the 1.0 rules appear in the downloads sections still, so it’s not apparent how to get at the new rules 🙂

However, the summary that simon has given looks very promising.



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Analysing the Falcon Gunship

Falcon Gunships

Falcon Gunships – Awesome Looking Models!

The poor falcon gunship.

It was one of the first models I bought after getting the starter set for my UCM force. The A-10 “warthog” is still an extremely popular airplane, and the ability to field two miniguns of that size on an orbit-capable light dropship is amazing! So how good is it? Well, to be honest, it’s not amazing.

It’s first issue, is that’ it’s a support option. While that means you can “add” them to just about any battlegroup, it also means it competes against the Ferrum, the Rapier, and the Longbow.

And for it’s points cost, I would argue it’s outcompeted by all three. Now I love the work Dave has done with the DZC rules, and I agree with his aims, but I disagree in this case with the implementation of the “crunch” of this unit.

The falcon gives you amazing alpha-strike. Aside from the scimitar and the laser pointer (and the doom fridge) it’s a great way to get an impressive alpha strike. It’s also airborne (can move 24″ to redeploy, or 12″ and fire) and a reach of 24″ is nothing to sneeze at in DZC! The falcon has at it’s disposal a single E 11 strike, with 3+ acc, range is inf/12″. That is some tasty alpha-strike.

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UCM Longbow – Swiss Army Knife

The UCM longbow is a fantastic support option for any list. It’s indirect fire over the full frontal arc means it gives you a wide area of reach. I’ll initially cover it’s more orthodox uses!

All rounds have infinite/24″ range, and MF 0 and the alt and IF rules. Please bear in mind that the longbow CANNOT turn or pivot as it’s movement is zero. It needs it’s raven transport to move like that.

The first round is armour piercing, E10 with a sing 2+ o hit. At 30pts each, this is a cheap way to bolster firepower where it’s needed.

The second round is E8, Area M. This means it can devastate light armour, even gravtanks in a target rich environment, but the beat target is infantry in buildings. Never target the building itself if possible. They might be harder to hit, but on any miss but a one you hit the building anyway. On a hit against infantry inside it will deal 2d6 hits! At E8 that will ruin your opponent’s day. Obviously area implies denolisher 2, so hits on the building will take it down in double time and inflict more masonry hits.

The last round is the smoke round. It’s FSR rather than just F, and it can target friendlies with infinite range. It imposes +1 to accuracy, and +1 to hit your squad and lasts until the longbow’s battlegroup’s next activation. It can be dismissed at the start of each turn and stacks twice. Now normally you might use it on a squad about to take a beating. The formula is pretty simple. Any time you are going to take more fire than you dish out, it should be used. Any time you are going to need to survive to capture an objective or key point it’s worth using.  Continue reading