Quick Rumours Update

There’s a slew of new releases previewed at invasion, including a new fast mover, or at least flyer command for UCM. Continue reading


Rumours, Battle Reports, and Terrain

Video Battle Report

First things first, Natfka has posted up a video battle report against Shawn from blue table painting. It’s an hour and a half long, but worth watching. Once again, Dave explains a bunch of basics at the start. If you are already a DzC player, you can consider skipping to 22:00 but it’s always worth listening Dave’s thoughts, because it gives you a good feel for the ideas and theories behind the game’s design.


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DZC Update: 12 Days of Christmas (X2?)

Not content to rest on their laurels, Hawk Wargames are at it again.

A new UCM tank.

In addition to the Resistance, which we know is an upcoming faction, hawk have designs for what is probably three new units for each faction, or eight new units and four teasers for resistance models. Over the first 12 days of christmas, Hawk is releasing teaser glimpses of their upcoming units, and in the following 12 days, we are told they are releasing full shots and perhaps more info. Continue reading