Dropfleet Commander Mini’s Spotted at Salute!

Thanks to Orbital Bombardment’s Twitter feed, we are seeing some images now from Salute:


I believe these depict, the Beijing class battleship, the Berlin class cruiser,  and the New Orleans class (strike carrier?) of which the Achilles is one. There are some more ships to the right, which are (UPDATE: Moscow class) heavy cruisers. True to the UCM’s “aliens” roots, the Bejing reminds me most closely of a combination of the Sulaco from Aliens, and the Sarjuuka from Homeworld 2.

Based on previous comments, the New Orleans is the largest ship class (for UCM) capable of deploying ground forces. The battleships don’t enter atmosphere, and are probably there for supporting fire and defense.

Just to recap, Andy Chambers (the designer of battlefleet gothic) is involved in the development of the rules set.


I’m throwing money at the screen, it’s just not working.


Beasts of war have a video up, interviewing Dave from Hawk.

  • It’s not a deep space game, it’s a fight over a continent/country, the size of spain.
  • Interact with ground, take cities, etc.
  • Strike Carrier (ie Achilles) is a “frigate” and the biggest type of atmospheric ship
  • Big ships die if they decay into atmosphere (high and low orbit are the other zone).
  • Atmosphere “slows” the ships
  • Range determined by your ability to lock on to the enemy (sensor range) and enemy energy signature (fire all your guns – light up like a christmas tree).
  • Think about it, the range isn’t static!
  • Missiles, as per usual, face countermeasures
  • Silent running, allows you to sneak in close.
  • Launch end of this year, early next year
  • Lots of new mechanics, and very different from every other spaceship game.
  • Mechanics not based on dropzone

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